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2 latest videos:

solo at theater Vstrecha 08-03-2015.

SUM live at Riga, december 2014.

Below is a list of available video in internet. Also you may watch channels of Alexandr Markvartstropov filmArt-Propaganda and black0sire on youtube. 
Ниже приведен список и ссылки на видео, доступное в интернете. Также вы можете посмотреть каналы Alexandr Markvartstropov filmArt-Propaganda and black0sire на youtube.

theater «Vstrecha» (fragment), April 6, 2013, Kemerovo
Thread Improvisations, Cagefest, theater "Vstrecha", october 6, 2012
piano solo "Balls", live at KemSU concert hall, Kemerovo, 18.09.2012

SUM (Studio of Unconscious Music)
Theses 2012. International festival of different arts. Kemerovo, theater-studio "Vstrecha". April 14, 2012
January 19, 2013. live at museum Erarta, St.Petersburg
November 22, 2012 with Ilia Belorukov live at Ulitka Bar, St. Petersburg
with Nikolai Rubanov, St.Petersburg, ESG-21, 02.11.2012
Cyclophrenia, live at DramoMania festavl, theater "Vstrecha", Kemerovo, 30.09.2012.
live at wedding of Gleb Uspensky & Elena Evstropova, August 18 2012 in theater "Vstrecha" /
live at "Chocolate Factory", Moscow, 09.06.2012
Moles 2, Concert in memory of Ivan Sokolovsky. "Living corner", Moscow, June 5, 2012.
Studio of Unconscious Music + Ilia Belorukov - Live @ festival "Theses 2012", Kemerovo, Theater "Vstrecha", 14.04.2012
pUlia, live at photostudio «View», October 9, 2011, Tomsk
"Pills". Live at "Theater Night" on the festival "Сounter Motion 2011". Kemerovo, 2011
Live @ ART-propaganda, Theater-Jazz Tour 2011, Yurga, August 20
On Shore (acoustic version), Theater-Jazz Tour 2011, Mitrofanovo A.K.T., August 19, 2011
Night at the Museum 2011, Museum of Fine Arts, Kemerovo
Сlub "Horizont", Novosibirsk, 30.04.2011
Body Parts - Things, ART-Propaganda, Jurga, 19.02.2011
Cyclophrenia, Phono-Piece - Act I, Kemerovo, theater "Vstrecha", 18.12.2010.
Body Parts, Phono-Piece - Act III, Kemerovo, theater "Vstrecha", 18.12.2010.
Body Parts - Immediately. Festival of contemporary art "ArtPromNight", 29.05.2010., Museum of Fine Arts, Kemerovo.
Cyclophrenia - Live at "DramoMania-2", 25.04.2010. Thater "Vstrecha", Kemerovo
Body Parts - Live at "April Theses", 18.04.2010. Thater "Vstrecha", Kemerovo
Cyclophrenia - Live at "April Theses", 17.04.2010. Thater "Vstrecha", Kemerovo
Cyclophrenia / Body Parts - concert in NII KuDA, Novosibirsk, 2010
Cyclophrenia at the Paint Factory art center opening in Kemerovo - Train No.369.
Body Parts - Live Oct. 11th 2009 at the Paint Factory opening, Kemerovo
Body Parts, live @ "Plener" festival, Novosibirsk, 2009
MutterUnzer, live at theater "Vstrecha", 2008, Kemerovo

Alexei Borisov & Alexandr Markvart
Alexei Borisov & Alexandr Markvart - Improv, concert in Exlibris cafe, June 11, 2012, Moscow.
Stefano Ferrian, Simone Quatrana, Ilia Belorukov, Alexander Markvart

Siberian Improvisation Company (and SIC+)
Theses 2012. International festival of different arts. Kemerovo, theater-studio "Vstrecha". April 15, 2012. SIC + Edyta Fil & Ilia Belorukov
Studio "Like a Butoh" + SIC! Theses 2012, Kemerovo, theater "Vstrecha", April 13, 2012
SIC + Ilia Belorukov. Live @ Tomsk, photo-studio "Black-White", April 20, 2012
November 25, 2012. SIC Industry in forge Gorynina, Marks factory, St.Petersburg
Plaistow + Siberian Improvisation Company, live at KemSU Concert Hall, Kemerovo, 18.09.2012
Léon, SIC, Sergei Letov. Live @ DOM, Moscow, June 12, 2012.
Sergei Letov & Siberian Improvisation Company. Live @ DOM, Moscow, June 12, 2012
Siberian Improvisation Company + Guests, concert in Exlibris cafe, Moscow, June 11, 2012
ByZero + SIC - Live @ "Chocolate Factory", Moscow, 09.06.2012
SIC live with Butoh dance studio "Like a Butoh", Museum of Fine Arts, Kemerovo, February 29, 2012
Siberian Improvisation Company 15, live at Kemerovo Art Museum (Kemerovo, Siberia, 28.01.2012)
Siberian Improvisation Copmany - Live at the festival "May Theses", 21.05.2011, Theater "Vstrecha", Kemerovo

SUM & Sergei Lavlinsky

SUM & Boris Afanasyev
PSVSV, Inorganic Blossoming, Studio of Unconscious Music - Improv. Fragment of performance on the opening of the festival of contemporary art "ArtPromNight", 29.05.2010. Museum of Fine Arts, Kemerovo
"O!5!" - Inorganic Blossoming, PSVSV, Studio of Unconscious Music, "ART-propaganda", Yurga
Alexandr Markvart, PSVSV, Stanislav Makovsky, Eugene Golsky
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